Falmouth Boat Co

Falmouth Boat Co. provides a range of services, including the mooring, storing, repairing, renovation, refurbishment and refinishing of boats to the highest standards. There’s been a boatyard on the site at Falmouth in Cornwall since the 15th century and boat building has been undertaken there ever since.

For Falmouth Boat Co. their business is all about the people and the skills that they bring. Jonathan Fielding, Managing Director tells us: “The people are absolutely paramount to the business. If we didn’t have the people, we wouldn’t have a business.”

Their broker, a specialist within the marine industry, recommended Equipsme to Falmouth Boat Co. and so in 2018 they decided to buy Equipsme plans for the whole of their workforce. For £29 per person per month, their team have access to a range of health and wellbeing services, including GP access 24/7, up to 8 physio sessions a year, specialist diagnosis including things like scans, tests and MRIs, hospital treatment and an annual finger prick health kit which tests for things like vitamin D and cholesterol.

Jonathan tells us why they chose to buy this health insurance plan for their people: “Equipsme is attractive because it’s extremely good value for money and as an offering to our staff, it enables us to create a package which really does stand head and shoulders above others, to ensure that my staff get well quickly, and back to work as soon as is possible.”