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The smart way to a healthy business

Together with health insurer AXA PPP healthcare and our Service Partners we have created a simple and practical Health Insurance Plan for businesses with more than one employee.

Equipsme makes it possible to give employees a health benefit they really want from only £7 per person per month. It’s really simple: the business chooses a level of cover and then the employees have the opportunity to upgrade and add their family.

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Health Insurer

GP Access 24/7

Health Checks

Stress Support

Our Plans include 24/7 GP access with Health Insurance from AXA PPP healthcare offering physio, diagnosis and hospital treatment. Our Service Partners offer a range of practical Health and Wellbeing services such as a Personalised Health Check and Stress Support.

Easy to work out the cost

With only two questions and all ages 16-69 years costing the same it’s really easy to work out the cost. There are no medical questions on application (simple three year pre-existing conditions exclusion) so the application process is quick and easy. The price we quote is the price you pay



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Level 2


Level 1


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Contact us for a chat and find out how easy it would be to get equipped with our smart new Health Insurance and Wellbeing Plan. Businesses can configure their Equipsme Plan to suit their business needs and their budgets.

Get equipped – choose the smart way to a healthy business.

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