We wanted to do something different

Equipsme was born out of a challenge to do “something different” to help and support UK Business and their employees. Only 5% of UK SME’s buy any form of healthcare package for their team despite an overwhelming desire to do so. We have created a smart and cost-effective way of providing practical Health and Wellbeing Support for their employees

We conducted a lot of research and held focus group sessions with business leaders and asked them all a simple question – what do you want from a Health and Wellbeing Plan and what they felt was reasonable to pay per employee. After that it was a simple process of prioritising the product by their business needs to create the proposition you can buy today.

We believe Health and Wellbeing is about being well.

Focused Support

  • The plan covers a broad range of Health and Wellbeing support services from 24/7 GP, physio, diagnosis, treatment with stress support and dental & optical as optional extras.
  • We include unlimited 24/7 access to a remote GP service who can also recommend a referral to AXA PPP healthcare for diagnostic tests & scans, removing one of the major time consuming elements of the other remote GP services.


  • Easy application process with no medical questions, same cost for every employee aged 16-69 years, simple claims settlement process.
  • We have removed the confusing medical language such as In-patient, Out-patient and consultations limits. Health and wellbeing needs to be easy to understand.
  • Our GP service is not an NHS opt out service. You can use your own NHS GP and/or ours if you want.
  • You can also use our GP abroad and speak to a fully qualified, English speaking doctor.


  • Tailored to the needs of each business, their employees and their budget.
  • It’s not compulsory to cover all staff but it makes it easier by choosing any combination of levels.


  • Simply contact our GP or contact AXA PPP healthcare directly for help and specialist support. You can access these services from our home page or by using our App.
  • We provide physio with no personal outlay for employees. Your staff do not have to pay and then have to claim it back.


  • Employees have the option of paying separately and adding partners and family for peace of mind.
  • Day to day health support is available so no need to use Dr Google to self-diagnose. You can speak to a trained nurse instead.
  • We include a personalised health check so employees can learn more about their personal health, a big difference from traditional health insurance plans.

Cost Effective

  • Plans start from as little as £7 per employee per month and all prices include all taxes.
  • Stress support is also available for £1.50 per employee per month. Similar services often require a minimum contract value.