Comprehensive Health Cover for Employees

Comprehensive Health Cover for Employees

With so many new wellness benefits included in company employment schemes, common perks such as comprehensive health cover can be easily forgotten. Particularly in the UK where people are fortunate to have access to free healthcare on the NHS.

Employers are beginning to recognise that offering health cover as part of an extended employee benefits package can play a pivotal role in securing a competitive edge amongst other businesses. However, if your business is small, offering these benefits can seem costly. We’re going to explore the importance of comprehensive health cover, explain why it’s important and discuss which benefits you can expect to see.

What is health insurance?

There are a wide range of private health benefit options available to businesses. The key objective of a health insurance plan is to protect and support the health and wellbeing of employees. Health cover is currently considered one of the most common additions to salaries offered.

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How does company health insurance work?

Health cover for employees can pay for private medical treatment, tests and surgery. Company health insurance is designed to offer treatments alongside services provided by the NHS. With private healthcare cover you can have access to a number of benefits, such as:

  • Quick access to consultants to find out what’s wrong
  • Quick access to private treatment to get sorted and back on your feet as soon as possible
  • Choice of private hospital and consultant
  • Private room in a private hospital, often with an ensuite

Every health insurance plan is different, so be sure to research which one will best suit you and your employees.

Do I need to offer employee health cover?

Not every employer is ready to offer employee benefits to staff, especially if you own a start-up or a smaller company. It is however important to assess the importance of health cover for employees, as doing so could help scale up and strengthen your business.

Why is health cover for employees important?

Offering health cover for all employees is particularly important. It is a simple and effective step to reward and attract talent in your business. There are a number of benefits of including private health cover in your employee benefits package, such as increasing productivity, boosting team morale and helping build a positive company culture. Here are just some of the benefits of offering it to your employees:

Attract new employees

As an employer, you will know that offering a competitive salary is key to attracting new talent. However, having a strong employee benefits package is also important. Offering a suitable benefits package can put your company above competitors and can be the deciding factor between yours and another company for job seekers.

Increase productivity

When employees are stressed or worried about their personal life, it can take a toll on their work. Offering support and assistance through a health benefits package which includes mental health support will impact focus and productivity, therefore securing a much more productive workforce.


The ultimate benefit of providing comprehensive health cover is to protect your main asset, your people. Just as companies protect their offices from harm, it would therefore make sense to protect your workforce from harm too. Employee health cover does just that and allows you to focus on growing the business without worrying about potential health risks.

It’s simple

And finally, the process is simple. There are many employee benefits on the market that offer a wide range of private health cover solutions for companies depending size and industry. If you have any queries about offering health cover for your employees, a member of our team would be happy to help on 020 3965 6410.

Are you looking for employee health cover?

If you’re looking to add employee health cover to your benefits package, then get in touch with Equipsme. We offer health insurance plans for businesses of all sizes, and with award-winning health cover, you can rest assured you're in good hands. What’s more, our health services and insurance cover is backed by some of the biggest names in healthcare, including AXA Health.

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