Do your employees know about their benefits?

Do your employees know about their benefits?

Your HR department has spent lots of time carefully putting together a package of benefits that’s going to attract top talent, retain key staff, and support your workforce to be secure, happy, healthy – and productive.

But do your people actually know about their benefits – and are they actually using them?

Research indicates possibly not…

Employee Benefits magazine reported last year that less than one-third of employers believed their employees had a good understanding of all the benefits available to them. Meanwhile a Censuswide survey of more than 2,000 British workers found that 1 in 4 aren’t making the most of their workplace benefits - even after they’re aware of them.

It means there’s both an understanding gap and a take-up gap at play - and that employers have a serious communications job to do to help close both.

Equipsme’s Managing Director Matthew Reed comments: “Your average employee is not going to scour your intranet every day, read every newsletter you send out, or get to the bottom of each admin email they receive. It means your benefits messages can’t just be one and done. People need regular reminders, in different formats, at opportune times and with relevant messaging. Information has got to be easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to action.

“At Equipsme we’re always trying to remove barriers to understanding and use, and we know those can vary from organisation to organisation. It’s why we work so closely with our business customers to tailor delivery, marketing, and communications to each company.”

Here’s some of the things we do to help support you spread the word about Equipsme:

Marketing support

We can provide businesses with marketing support to help introduce or raise awareness of our services. That includes things like leaflets and posters for workplaces, information for intranet sites, lunch and learn training sessions, or Q&A webinars.

Email communications

We also work with businesses to create email campaigns to promote engagement. We know that many of our members will be using private health insurance for the first time, so we’re committed to using Plain English, being totally transparent about our cover, and de-mystifying the claims process.

We send reminders to Equipsme members throughout the course of their plan with instructions on how to set up their personal portal, how to use their plan and information about mid-term adjustments, or renewals.

Newsletters and articles

Our members also receive a monthly newsletter, with articles about healthy living and current health issues, and reminders about our services and how to use their Equipsme plan. We include case study stories, interviews, how to guides and listicles – all of which we encourage business clients to use and share on their own platforms.

Personal support

While 95% of our members successfully use our portal to access their benefits, sometimes all the communication in the world can’t replace talking to somebody – especially if you’re poorly and just want to get help. Which is why we have a team on hand to help and a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Ava, who’s there to pick up the phone when members need extra support.

Introducing Ava – our Customer Success Manager

If you want to find out more about how Equipsme can help your people make more of their plan, please email us at or call 0203 965 6410, leave us a voicemail and we’ll get straight back to you.