Top employee benefits – what are the most valued perks?

Top employee benefits what are the most valued perks?

The importance of employee benefits is obvious. With a well-looked after workforce comes a well-performing workforce. Companies with a great benefits package will benefit from improved workplace morale, a reduction in stress-related absences and will be significantly better at retaining employees than companies with a less substantial package.

In addition, a top employee benefits package can act as a magnet for new talent. According to a survey done in 2019 by Employee Benefits found that, over 70% of people consider employee benefits and perks a major factor in deciding whether to accept a job offer. This is a huge statistic and considering the focus on employee health in the workplace over the past 2 years, this number could only have risen.

But creating a great employee benefits package does not mean spending a fortune. There are plenty of affordable options for creating great benefits packages for small businesses or for companies wanting to save. We have put together a list of the most desired employee benefits.

Private Health Cover/Health insurance

Private health cover (aka Health insurance) has been and remains one of the desired employee benefits that a company can offer. Many employees value the provision of health insurance benefits and services from their employer the most. With the NHS under such enormous pressure now, providing a backup plan for your employees will be highly appreciated. Providing quality healthcare for employees who become unwell or injured, helps them get back to work quicker, preventing lost time that could occur when awaiting treatment on the NHS. If you’re not convinced, check out our blog on why you should get private health cover/health insurance and let us change your mind.

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Remote Working

Allowing more flexibility in where people work can be a great and inexpensive benefit for employees. Throughout the pandemic, the UK workforce has seen huge increases in the number of companies allowing employees to work from home. And even as we return to a more normal life, many people prefer working at home to travelling into the office.

Being more flexible and letting employees work from wherever they want can improve productivity as well as employee satisfaction, as well as being attractive to prospective talent. This is also a great addition to benefits packages for small businesses as it can save money on permanent office leases.


As well as more freedom in where people work, more flexible working hours can also be an inexpensive employee benefit to add to your company’s package. Everyone is different, meaning that everyone works best at different hours of the day. Of course, there may be times where everyone is needed for a meeting but allowing employees to work when they work best can be beneficial to everybody. As an employer, you will be getting the best out of your employees while increasing well-being in the workplace.

Annual Leave

Another one of the most desired employee benefits for workers in the UK is annual leave. According to a survey from Aviva in 2019, annual leave was the most valued benefit among the 2500 workers. Between 22 and 35 days of paid annual leave was the most desirable for employees. Not only allowing but encouraging annual leave to be used will prevent burnout among workers, promote a healthier work-life balance and increase productivity in the workplace.

It can be difficult to know when we need a break, particularly when tasks are piling up. Check out our Stress Test for you or your employees today and help prevent burnout in your business.

Wellness Packages

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been revolutionary for the way we view wellness at work. More modern surveys have concluded that employees now value more modern benefits, such as a physical and/or mental wellness package. This can be as simple as subsidising gym membership fees for employees and has the benefit of a healthier and happier workforce.

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