How Equipsme works: how to get a physiotherapy appointment

How Equipsme works: how to get a physiotherapy appointment

Help. I’ve got a pain/injury. How do I make a physiotherapy appointment?

How Equipsme benefits work

If you’re looking at health benefits and insurance for your workforce for the first time, or if you’ve never come across a model like Equipsme before, it’s good to know how it all works in practice for the people at the sharp end – your workforce.

That’s why this guide shows how to use an Equipsme plan in real life, step-by-step.

A bit about us

Hi. We’re Equipsme. We thought health benefits and insurance should be better, and work for more people, so we built something different. We’re backed by AXA Health, so you know you’re in safe hands and getting the best care. We’ve just made it more affordable and more accessible.

At Equipsme, we LOVE the NHS - but there’s no pretending it isn’t under enormous pressure right now. Your Equipsme plan is here as your back-up plan, helping you beat the queues and get back to being fighting (and working) fit as soon as possible.

Unlike other health benefits and insurance, we actually want people to USE their plan. It’s not supposed to sit in your back pocket and do nothing. Which is exactly why we’ve put together these practical guides.

Making a Physiotherapy appointment

You don’t always need an Open Referral letter from a GP to get help from a private physiotherapist. Contact the claims team at AXA Health first and they may be able to offer you a triage call first with their inhouse physio team.

Go to your members portal or App, click on the Physiotherapy button, and either fill in the online form or call AXA Health directly to make an appointment.

If the condition you are claiming for might be pre-existing, you may need to obtain additional information from your own GP first (as only they can access your medical history records).

Where will my appointment be?

AXA Health will either put you directly in touch with a preferred physio provider or look for practitioners near to you, from their comprehensive database of top physios up and down the country. If providing you with the contact details of relevant physiotherapists, you can then call up to make the appointment to suit you.

When you get there you may be given a form to fill in, asking for your claim number.