How Equipsme works: how to use home health checks

How Equipsme works: how to use home health checks

How Equipsme benefits work

If you’re looking at health benefits and insurance for your workforce for the first time, or if you’ve never come across a model like Equipsme before, it’s good to know how it all works in practice for the people at the sharp end – your workforce.

That’s why this guide shows how to use an Equipsme plan in real life, step-by-step.

A bit about us

Hi. We’re Equipsme. We thought health benefits and insurance should be better, and work for more people, so we built something different. We’re backed by AXA Health, so you know you’re in safe hands and getting the best care. We’ve just made it more affordable and more accessible.

At Equipsme, we LOVE the NHS - but there’s no pretending it isn’t under enormous pressure right now. Your Equipsme plan is here as your back-up plan, helping you beat the queues and get back to being fighting (and working) fit as soon as possible.

Unlike other health benefits and insurance, we actually want people to USE their plan. It’s not supposed to sit in your back pocket and do nothing. Which is exactly why we’ve put together these practical guides.

How to use your home health checks

Equipsme’s home health checks are there if you’re just not feeling 100%, or if you just want to do a bit of an MOT. They’re simple, easy, and quick – and can be done from the comfort of your own home. All Equipsme plans, except for GP+ include a home Health Check.

What is included in the health check benefit?

Depending on your Equipsme plan cover level, health checks include an online questionnaire, plus home testing kits which are sent out to you in the post. You do your own test at home, and send it back in the post too! Different levels of plans will have different health checks, but Equipsme members can pay to upgrade (when the plan starts or renews) or request more tests.

What is a home testing kit?

Your kit comes with everything you need and full instructions to do a finger-prick blood test. You don’t need much blood to test effectively, and you package up your sample and send it back.

How quickly do you get the results?

Results usually come back in about a week.

What can you test for?

Tests include things like thyroid levels, diabetes, vitamin D and cholesterol.

Who provides the home health checks?

Equipsme’s home health checks are provided by our partners Thriva. Thriva are experts in preventative care, and aim to help put people in control of their own health – which is exactly what Equipsme is all about, too.

How do I get a test?

When you become an Equipsme member you’ll also get an introduction email from Thriva. They’ll give you your Thriva login details, and invite you to order your tests.

How often can I get tested?

Your plan lets you get tested every year.