Is Equipsme good value?

Is Equipsme good value?

We think our products provide really, really good value.

At £468 per employee, per year (for plans starting/renewing from April 2024), our Level 2 treatment and diagnosis plan remains competitive compared to group PMI premiums and it’s typically far below the average cost of buying an individual plan for yourself.

Plus, we’re backed by AXA Health - so businesses can be reassured they’re getting quality, and individuals know they’re in safe hands.

Occupying the middle ground between PMI and a cash plan, Equipsme health insurance plans are firmly focused on providing a valuable and valued benefit to employees.

With 4-in-10 considering buying health insurance for their workforce, driven by concerns that NHS waiting times will lead to long absences or employees permanently leaving the workforce due to sickness, we remain ideally positioned.

Here are some examples of where we think we stand out from the crowds:

  • Benefits available from Day 1
    With Equipsme, your team don’t have to wait 6 months before they start using our services, benefits are available for use as soon as the plan starts.
  • Clear cover
    We are also upfront about what we don’t cover (such as pre-existing or chronic/long-term conditions, or the treatment of cancer once diagnosed).
  • Family provision
    We reduce the admin burden on businesses and we believe we’re the only provider of health insurance that allows individual employees to pay themselves to upgrade benefits and add their partner/spouse and children.
  • Quality care
    We’re backed by AXA Health, who provide our private consultants and hospital services, helplines, and physiotherapy services. So businesses can be reassured that their people are in safe hands.
  • Enhanced GP service
    24/7 virtual GP services may be everywhere now, but they’re not all equal. Our GP, through Health Hero, can provide both prescriptions and open referrals for further treatment.
  • Easy administration
    Equipsme is easy to understand, easy to set up, and easy to run on a day-to-day basis. No long forms, no medical questionnaires, and easy access to our great internal team for both businesses and members.
  • Transparent pricing
    Our prices are really clear – so business clients can see exactly what they get, and exactly how much it’s going to cost. No hidden fees, smoke or mirrors.
  • Renewal costs the same as New Business
    What’s more, we don’t charge our renewal customers MORE than we charge our new customers. Some providers can lure you in and hike your prices in Year 2. With Equipsme, what you see is what everyone gets.