Top 5 reasons Equipsme is different

Top 5 reasons Equipsme is different

At Equipsme, our aim has always been to do private health cover, better. So how ARE we different from the big, traditional providers?

1. Cover more of your workforce

Equipsme plans start at £9 per person per month - making private health cover an affordable reality to cover more of your workforce.

At Equipsme, we think everyone in a business is important - and that health benefits shouldn’t just be for large companies or top executives. It’s why we created flexible plans that work for businesses of all sizes and staff at all levels, where they can pay in themselves to upgrade cover or add family members – a feature most company health plans don’t have.

What the stats say

We’re getting private health cover to places and people who’ve never had it before. The vast majority of businesses on our books have never offered health insurance before. Our most popular plan includes diagnosis and treatment for just £39 per person per month.

What our customers say

“Thank you for setting up Equipsme. As a small business owner I didn’t think private health insurance for me, my staff and family would be a possibility.” Ray Pagden, Motus Music

2. Practical services

We’ve taken the best bits of traditional private health insurance and cut out the faff.

Equipsme brings together key services from market-leading providers to create plans which focus on easily accessible, usable services such as, 24/7 GP, physio, home health checks and private diagnosis and tests, that actually keep people well, and help them get better fast. Members don’t have to pay up front and there’s no complex forms.

What the stats say

During the last year, over 40% of members have used our 24/7 GP to get swift appointments that fit around their working patterns and 33% of members have used our online or postal health checks. And through the pandemic we’ve seen the use of our nurse advice line and stress support line increase too.

What our customers say

“I had no idea that the NHS and private medical care could work so seamlessly together. The continuity of care and consistency of attention was just brilliant, and I was passed between teams to get what I needed done as speedily as possible.” Andrew Simpson, Sigma Financial Markets

3. Simple and transparent

At Equipsme, we’ve got a flat pricing structure for all ages 16-69, and four easy-to-understand plans.

We are upfront and transparent about what you are covered for, and there isn’t a long medical questionnaire to fill in. Instead, we have a simple exclusion of pre-existing conditions in the three years before cover starts, and we’ve chosen to keep prices low by excluding cancer treatment.

What the stats say

Being clear and up-front means people know exactly what they’re getting. And it’s also proving popular – nearly 9 out of 10 companies stay with us.

What our customers say

“What we liked about Equipsme was that it offered people not just peace of mind but real, practical benefits. We wanted a provider that was going to be able to help people get things sorted fast – we wanted people to be able to say ‘I’m not feeling well, but I can do something about it today’.  Martin Warner, Smart Pensions

4. Digital delivery

We built Equipsme based on customer feedback and launched in 2018.  It’s modern and relevant for today’s needs.

With Equipsme you can quote and buy online. Companies can manage their account online, and members access their benefits through a simple App or web portal. We want to make private health cover as easy and accessible as it can be – and our friendly, expert team is always in the background to give additional support.

What the stats say

In the last year we’ve invested in an improved digital journey. Around 85% of small businesses now start out on our easy to use website where all our prices are immediate and up front (with no hidden costs).

What our customers say

“Equipsme just seemed to make sense. The cover and the price were exactly what we needed - and it’s been so intuitive to use. You can see everything on one page and it’s really straightforward to set up, make amendments, and keep a track.” Isobel O’Flanagan, Soho Theatre

5. Affordable and sustainable plans

We built the Equipsme benefit levels and criteria to make it affordable to get started but also to protect your budget as much as possible in later years.

A traditional company health insurance plan can cost hundreds of pounds per person. We’ve set about making it a more realistic possibility for more companies. We’re transparent about how we do this, we don’t cover cancer treatment (although we will help and support you through the diagnosis stage), and this helps to protect your budget.

What’s more, we haven’t put our prices up for 4 years, so it’s a stable and sustainable investment with no nasty surprises down the line.

What the stats say

Equipsme plans start at £9 per person per month for 24/7 GP access, up to five physio sessions, an online health check and access to a nurse helpline. The most popular product is £39 and includes private diagnosis and private treatment from AXA Health’s network of top consultants and hospitals. Stress support can be added for £1.50 per month.

What our customers say:

“I work in health, so I know that your average PMI policy is hundreds of pounds a month, and providers basically discourage you from ever using it. In contrast, I literally did a double-take when I looked at Equipsme’s fees and services. It’s not only incredibly affordable, but it’s also really simple to understand and really easy to use… great customer service and a top quality product with access to the best doctors, diagnostics and hospitals.” David de Wet, Ecovate