What added value can employees get from their Equipsme plan?

What added value can employees get from their Equipsme plan?

An Equipsme plan is designed to be health insurance and wellbeing services for people who aren’t used to health benefits. It’s simple, transparent, quality cover – backed by AXA Health.

You can find out more about the contents of our plans here.

But did you know there was more to Equipsme than just the basic cover, at whatever level you’ve chosen?

In 2024 we’re also highlighting some of our EXTRA product features that come with every single Equipsme plan:

Elder care

Equipsme members can now get £40 off set up and 3 months free support from Taking Care – who can help elderly relatives live well through personal alarms, support services, practical information and advice.

Menopause support

Level 3, 2 and 1 members can now use the Equipsme GP to get an open referral for AXA Health to assess if they can see a specialist through the new Menopause Pathway. Women can get support to get a diagnosis, find the right balance of HRT, and manage ongoing symptoms.

Specialist helpline

The AXA Health nurse helpline can link people through to qualified nurses, pharmacists and midwives.

And there’s also a dedicated phone line through to cancer and heart specialists – while our plans provide cover up to the point of a cancer diagnosis but not the private treatment of cancer, this service help members access people who can support patients and their families through diagnosis, treatments and recovery, talking through options, helping with jargon, and signposting to key resources.

Both helplines are available to all Equipsme members.

Vision express discounts – and more

Equipsme members already get 40% off Nuffield and Hussle gym memberships – including virtual options – as an added perk.

In 2024 they can also get 30% off eye tests and glasses at Vision Express (subject to a minimum spend level at Vision Express), 20% of home health checks with Thriva and 25% off an in person Nuffield Health Check.

Family provision

Don’t forget - we believe we’re the only provider to let employees pay in themselves to upgrade and add their own family members. So people can choose to extend their peace of mind to cover a partner, and up to 6 children under the age of 25.