Who helps Equipsme members?

Who helps Equipsme members?

Meet Ava, our Customer Success Manager…

We set up Equipsme to make business health insurance simple, practical and great value for money. We wanted to help businesses and employees who had never had health insurance before access high quality, fast health back-up. But if you’re not used to a health insurance plan it can be a bit of a minefield. Which is why our Customer Services Team is on hand to help.

We talked to Customer Success Manager Ava about what she does, who she talks to, and why you should definitely get in touch if you need to.

Hi Ava! What does a Customer Success Manager do?

In general, help people! In my specific role I do two things – I answer questions from businesses, especially when they first start their Equipsme plan, and I answer questions from members – helping them understand their benefits and guiding them through the claims process.

What sort of questions do people ask you?

Oh I’ve had all sorts! For some people it’s trying to understand what cover they’ve got and exactly what their company has bought them. Others have lost passwords to their portal, or have questions about how to add family or how to use a specific benefit like the GP service. Quite a few get stuck on what to do next if they’ve got a referral to see a consultant or specialist.

A lot of my time is spent explaining more generally how our health benefits work - because a lot of people haven’t used it before. If you’ve only had car insurance or home insurance, it’s quite a different world with very different processes. And there’s lots of technical lingo to wade through, too.

What sort of thing?

Things like what counts as a pre-existing condition, or a chronic condition, or how an excess and claims pre-approval works. What I always say is that there isn’t any such thing as a silly question - because you can only know what you know! And I’m here to help explain everything else.

How many people do you talk to in a day?

It’s really varied! It’s often much busier if a business has just come on board for the first time, when the team could be dealing with 100’s of people a day.

It also depends on what the issue is – sometimes it’s a quick answer or a quick tech fix – like talking someone through how to submit a dental and optical claim with receipts if that’s part of their cover.

Other queries can take a few days to resolve. For instance, I’ve been talking to AXA Health, who provide our diagnosis and treatment services, on behalf of one member recently. The recommended consultant and hospital offered she felt were too far away to travel to, so I helped her negotiate a different option.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I’m a people person, so I just enjoy chatting to people – and I enjoy helping them get the health support they need.

Very often when someone contacts me, they’re worried about their health. It’s my job to smooth the path for them, talk through the options, and get them on the way to getting answers and getting better. That’s a pretty good feeling. And I get a lot of thank yous when I’m following up with people - which is lovely.

How quickly do you respond to people?

Last year around half of the queries we got were solved in under an hour, which is pretty good going. Obviously, some take a bit longer, but that’s because we do take the time to really understand what’s going on. We promise you won’t have to talk to a chat-bot, we don’t just follow a script as no two calls are exactly the same, and we do actually care that you have a good experience with Equipsme!

What would you say to people hesitating to get in touch?

The good news is that we try and make things as clear and easy as possible for people – and 70% of our members are able to self-serve and never feel the need to get in touch because they have access to all the info they need. But if you are stuck, and you do have a question or query, just pop us an email or give us a call. We really are here to help!

How can people contact you?

Email us at members@equipsme.com or call 0203 965 6410, leave us a voicemail and we’ll get straight back to you.