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When Norwich‑based Recover Physiotherapy switched bank accounts to Starling Bank, Director Stuart Wardle saw an advert in the Starling marketplace for Equipsme.

Impressed by both the cover and the price, he ditched his personal medical insurance and signed himself and another key member of staff up.

“I’m very familiar with private medical insurance because I work with private patients, and I’ve had my own personal policy,” explains Stuart. “Equipsme disrupts the market. It’s great quality practical cover, made simple and affordable.”

Recover Physiotherapy has seen demand rise for private physio as the pandemic has put non‑critical NHS care on hold. But being busier than ever means the business can’t afford for staff to be out with illness or injury.

“Physio is a physical job,” explains Stuart. “If one of us goes out running at the weekend and picks up a serious injury that requires surgery, right now that’s going to take a while to get treated by the NHS.  They could be unable to work for months. Equipsme just made sense.

What I liked about it was that it wasn’t just insurance that sat in the background quietly hoping never to be used. There were immediate benefits. I also liked the simplicity of it, being able to add on things like dental and optical as well as being able to add direct family members.

“I think more small businesses will – and should be – looking at PMI options, and I’d definitely recommend they look at Equipsme”