We wanted to do Health Insurance differently

Equipsme was born out of a challenge to do “something different” to help and support UK Business and their employees. Only 5% of UK Businesses buy any form of healthcare package for their team despite an overwhelming desire to do so. We have created a simple and affordable way of providing practical Health Insurance and Wellbeing Support for employees.


Designed for businesses

We conducted a lot of research and held focus group sessions with business leaders and asked them all a simple question – what do you want from a Health Insurance and Wellbeing Plan and what is a reasonable amount to pay per employee. After that it was a simple process of prioritising the product by their business needs to create the proposition you can buy today.

We believe Health and Wellbeing is about being well. Simple.

Here's the details...


Business Size

  • We sell to companies with as few as just 2 employees
  • Up to 1000 employees

Transparent Pricing

  • Everyone pays the same price whether aged 16 or 69 years
  • No loading of premiums to upgrade between levels – just pay the difference
  • No loading of partners on a voluntary basis
  • Up to 6 children aged 0-25 for just half the adult monthly rate

No personal outlay

  • No personal outlay or excess applicable to Physio
  • Authorised bills for Diagnosis/Treatment are settled directly with clinic/hospital

Only one excess

  • Only 1 of our 4 Plans includes an excess (of only £150 per person, per year)
  • Even then it only applies to 2 of the 5 benefits available and won’t impact GP access or Physio

Choice for Company buying and Employee upgrading

  • Equipsme is another type of Multi-Cover: you buy for your employees and they can also upgrade under the same plan
  • Choose different Levels of cover according to categories of staff if you want
  • Buy Stress Support and/or Dental & Optical for all employees – if they add their family these are extended to them at no extra cost

Easy to understand underwriting

  • Our plans have a 3-year pre-existing exclusion relating to any health problems that you had symptoms or treatment for within the last 3 years
  • Insurance is about covering the ‘unexpected’, not illnesses you already know about

GP and Physio access on all Plans, without a waiting period

  • Everyone gets unlimited access to GP appointments, by phone or online, as many times as needed and for as long as you need
  • Prescription delivery service and access to Physio advice by phone plus face-to-face sessions if needed for eligible treatment

Health Check as day 1 value

  • Everyone gets a level of Health Check, from an online health questionnaire (on our GP+ plan) to a home blood test kit for Vitamin D, Cholesterol and Diabetes (on our Level 1 plan)

GP to Claims

  • Equipsme GP is recognised by AXA PPP healthcare and can provide an “open referral” to initiate Diagnosis. Saves you time having to go back to your NHS GP for an open referral first

Early diagnosis plus treatment benefits that rival PMI

  • Our plans do not cover the treatment of Cancer but buying a Level that includes Diagnosis provides unlimited cover for Consultations, Tests, Scans and Specialists until cancer is diagnosed once your claim has been authorised
  • You’re tapping into AXA PPP healthcare’s network of specialists and centres to help find out “what’s wrong” quickly
  • Buying a Level that includes Treatment provides cover for hospital bills that could run into thousands of pounds

Don’t get caught short

  • Your cover for Physio, Diagnosis or Treatment claims will be assessed, confirmed and booked in for you first by the insurer AXA PPP healthcare. So you won’t be faced with a shortfall on authorised bills
  • It’s a bit like using an Approved Repairer Network on car/home insurance

Contact us for a chat...

Contact us for a chat and find out how easy it would be to get equipped with our smart new Health Insurance and Wellbeing Plan. Businesses can configure their Equipsme Plan to suit their business needs and their budgets.

Get equipped – choose the smart way to a healthy business.