5 ways to love yourself this February

5 ways to love yourself this February

Here’s five ways to regroup, recharge, and love yourself in February.

February is traditionally the month of LOVE and ROMANCE and for some reason, BEARS holding HEARTS. This is because it is a) Valentine’s Day and b) Heart Health Month – led by the British Heart Foundation.

Here at Equipsme we’re big believers in looking after your heart health – but we’re setting aside all the romance stuff this year (and the random bears). Instead, we want Equipsme members to concentrate on looking after themselves...

It’s been a looooong, hard and relentless Winter already - and Spring still feels a long way away. So here’s five ways to regroup, recharge, and love yourself in February.

1. Practice mindfulness

You’ve probably heard of mindfulness. You may think it’s time-consuming mumbo jumbo – but it’s actually proven to be effective, changing how your brain works, helping to manage anxiety and depression, and even improving productivity.

Taking a few minutes out each day to switch off your busy brain and switch on your attention could also help improve your mood, sleep, and stress levels. If every other one of your self-care January resolutions has fallen by the wayside, this one can be done while you’re sorting the washing and going about your ordinary day.

Read out more about how to get started with Mindfulness.

2. Take the Stress Test

Stress is the sort of thing that creeps up on you. Sometimes you’re not even aware how much it’s affecting you. Long term, stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and can have physical symptoms too – from feeling dizzy or sick to suffering headaches or stomach problems.

Stress is not something you should ignore. If you think you might be feeling the strain of January, take our Stress Test to see what your stress levels are really like – and find out what you can do about them.

Take the stress test.

3. Try a Digital Detox

If the very first thing you do when you wake up is reach for your phone, if you find yourself randomly scrolling social media during the day, or going to bed late glued to your news feed, it might be time for a bit of a break…

Digital addiction is a real thing, and it could be contributing to your insomnia, low mood, and stress levels. If you think you might need a digital-re-set, we’ve got all the information about how to do it, and how to stick to it.

Find out more about how to do a Digital Detox.

4. Get to know your body with Thriva

Are you feeling a bit tired? Under the weather? We’ve been looking at some of the underlying reasons that you’re not feeling quite right – from B12 deficiency to iron deficiency, diabetes to high cholesterol.

Even if you feel on top of the world, understanding what’s going on inside your body is a great idea – and you can do it from the comfort of your own home through our brilliant partners Thriva.

They offer a range of finger-prick blood tests that can help you get to know what’s going on inside your body – and start to make changes if you need to.

Find out more about Thriva health checks.

5. Make the appointment

That ache that won’t go away. That reoccurring thing that keeps cropping back up. That bit that never heals quite right. That health niggle you never quite get round to getting seen to.

This is the month to stop putting off your background health worries and get yourself sorted out.

The very first step is to chat to a GP – but it’s getting harder and harder to get an appointment right now, as frontline NHS services continue to battle through the crunch of Winter illnesses. That’s where the Equipsme GP service may be able to help you out sooner. You can request an appointment 24/7, and hopefully find a time that better suits you.

You’re not bothering anyone, taking attention away from people who need it more, or burdening the NHS. You’re looking after yourself – and getting on top of your health before it gets on top of you.

Find out more about how to use the GP service.