New year, new you? Try new year BEST you

New year, new you? Try new year BEST you

Here at Equipsme we’re not fans of the whole ‘New Year New You’ thing. There’s probably not that much wrong with old you, for a start. And while it’s always great to eat well and take exercise, aiming for a complete self-overhaul in January of all months is nearly always a recipe for self-flagellation come February.

Indeed, stats show that while a quarter of Brits make plans for resolutions in December, only 12% follow them through. Of those who DO make resolutions, another quarter fail to keep any of them, and only half manage to keep any at all.

It’s time to ditch the idea of a ‘new’ you that sets us up for failure - and invest in your BEST you instead.

New Year BEST you means resolving to look for all the small ways you can take care of yourself and make yourself feel happier and healthier - and then congratulating yourself for each and every one of them.

For Equipsme members, taking care of yourself is made that bit easier.

NOW is the time to make the appointment, have the chat, take the tests - and make sure you’re at your best to face whatever it is 2022 decides to throw at us.

So here are 4 ways you can use your Equipsme plan to put your best YOU forwards.

1. Talk to a GP

If you’ve been putting off making an appointment because of Christmas, or because you don’t want to bother them when they’re super busy, PLEASE use Equipsme’s GP service. You can call 24/7 for appointment availability and get prescriptions and referrals as you need them. Don’t take health niggles into 2022 – get them sorted now.

Find out more about how to use the GP service

2. Make a physio appointment

Has your back been twinging? Are you back at your desk after a break and conscious it’s giving you cricks in the neck? Are you fed up of limping around on a dodgy knee? Your Equipsme plan comes with a physiotherapy benefit built-in – so see if it can help you.

Find out more about how to make a physio appointment

3. Call the EAP

If you’ve got stress support as part of your plan, you’ve got qualified counsellors just a phone call away who are ready to listen – and even make you face-to-face appointments if you need them. There’s a lot of pressure on Christmas and New Year, and a LOT of 2021 to process. Don’t go it alone.

Find out more about how to use the stress support line

4. Do a check-up

You get FREE health checks with your plan through our brilliant partners Thriva. It means you can give yourself a mini-MOT without leaving the house, by doing a simple and easy finger prick test that can tell you things like your Vitamin D and cholesterol levels or risk of Diabetes. Pop it in the post and you’ll get the results back in a matter of days. If you just make one resolution, do your body a favour and check in with it via a check-up.

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