Helping your people understand health insurance – and their Equipsme plan

Helping your people understand health insurance and their Equipsme plan

At Equipsme, we estimate from anecdotal evidence that around 90% of our members have never had any sort of private health benefit before.

It makes sense that many people are only familiar with general insurance products like home or motor insurance, but it means we have an important job to do to cut through the jargon and make both our products and our industry more easily digestible.

We get lots of questions about the mechanics of private health insurance, and we’ve created some simple, clear answers to help people get to grips with it.

Here are some of the articles we think can help you help your people understand more about private medical insurance:

Pre-existing conditions
Many health insurance companies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, or have lots of rules around them, so it’s really important to understand what does and doesn’t count – and what you’re actually covered for.
Read more: What is a pre-existing condition?

Chronic conditions
Most health insurance companies don’t cover chronic conditions, so it’s really important to know what counts as chronic, what doesn’t, and when and where your cover begins and ends.
Read more: What is a chronic condition?

If you’ve had any sort of insurance policy before, you might have heard of an ‘excess’. But how does it work in health insurance?
Read more: What is an excess?

PMI jargon explained
Buying Private Medical Insurance can be a minefield of technical terms. So we asked Andrew Green from Craigdallie Healthcare to jargon-bust some of the least clear and most misunderstood…
Read more: What is a Moratorium (and other PMI jargon explained)

When you apply for health insurance, it’s always important to check the terms and conditions for any health exclusions – here’s some common ones to look out for.
Read more: What are common health insurance exclusions in the UK?

Diagnosis and Treatment
We try and use Plain English when we can, but there are some PMI terms that just ARE. Diagnosis and treatment are two of them, and here’s what they mean.
Read more: What is diagnosis and treatment?

How does Equipsme work?

Obviously, a lot of people have specific questions about how their Equipsme works, too, and how to use their benefits. With Equipsme, people can start using their cover from Day 1, and we’ve got a great series of How To introductory guides to help them do so:

How Equipsme works: how to use the nurse support line

How Equipsme works: GP appointments

How Equipsme works: how to use home health checks

How Equipsme works: physiotherapy appointments

How Equipsme works: stress support line

How Equipsme works: seeing a consultant for a diagnosis

How Equipsme works: how to get treatment

How Equipsme works: dental and optical cover

If you need any more support to help your people understand our plans, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, email us at or call 0203 965 6410, leave us a voicemail and we’ll get straight back to you.