Health insurance plans for start-ups

Health insurance plans for start-ups

If you’re thinking about starting-up a business – or have recently founded an exciting new venture – you’ll want to make sure you’re attracting the best talent to get your business off the ground.

The trouble is, it’s tougher than ever to start something new – and even tougher to keep pace with the market on salaries and security. But if you’re setting your own rules, you’ve also got the opportunity to be creative in how you keep people engaged and happy. And one of the best ways to make your start-up stand out from the crowd is with comprehensive benefits.

Healthcare is increasingly one of the most sought-after benefits, with 57% of working Brits even prepared to sacrifice salary to secure it. It could be a great way to invest in people, without actually busting your start-up budget…

Our business health insurance plans for start-ups make healthcare benefits a realistic possibility for start-ups by making them simple, practical, and affordable.

Equipsme health insurance plans for start-up businesses

How much does company health insurance for start-ups cost?

Matthew Reed is the co-founder and Managing Director of Equipsme. He explains: “A few short years ago, Equipsme was a start-up, and four of us sat in a garage with a dream of making health insurance work for businesses of all sizes, and employees at all levels. So we really do understand start-ups – and we want to help more of them be successful.

“We believe a great benefits package can help attract and retain great people – and that health benefits are a key part of that, especially after the pandemic. People are worried about their health, and about the NHS’s ability to treat them soon enough, and they’re looking to employers to help them plug that health gap.

“We also understand, of course, that funding for start-ups comes in all different shapes and sizes, and that sustainability and scalability are key. Health is a big company benefit, but our product allows you to compete with big competitors for a relatively small budget. Which is why our health insurance plans for start-ups start at just £9 per person per month, with the most popular, comprehensive plan costing just £39 per person per month.

“But it’s not just the price that makes them so suitable for growing businesses. They’re also incredibly flexile, and really easy to administrate – so you don’t need an entire HR department to manage them.”

Best health benefits for start-ups

The best health insurance plans for start-ups need to be simple – and at Equipsme we’ve made sure there’s not any long forms, endless medical questionnaires, complicated clauses or hoops to jump through.

It’s the same price for all ages 16-69, with a blanket exclusion of three year pre-existing medical conditions. It means it’s easy to work out how much it’s going to cost your business, up front, without a hard sales pitch. Employees can then choose to pay in themselves to upgrade their cover or add their partner and/or children.

We also focus on practical health support to help people stay well and stay working. If your business is a small one, then every person out of action can have a huge knock-on impact. It’s why our award-winning healthcare plans all include access to GP appointments, nurse helplines and physio support, to help people get better faster.

“Another unique thing about Equipsme plans is that employees can pay in themselves to upgrade their cover, and add family members,” adds Matthew. “It means that start-ups on a budget can open the door to comprehensive private health cover for their whole workforce, saving people money on P11D returns and reducing company admin.

“Perhaps most importantly, our plans are also great value for money. One of the reasons we’re able to keep costs low is because we don’t cover cancer treatment, which is incredibly expensive, and which we believe the NHS is still best placed to treat. People can still get fast diagnosis, but more businesses can afford more cover for more people – and help protect it for the long term.”

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What’s included in a start-up healthcare plan with Equipsme?

The most popular Equipsme plan costs just £39 per person per month and includes:

  • Fast access to tests, scans and diagnosis with private consultants at private hospitals
  • Treatment in a private, comfortable room
  • Physio support and up to 8 private sessions
  • 24/7 Nurse helpline
  • Unlimited 24/7 GP access
  • Health checks you can do at home

Optional benefits include:

  • Dental and optical
  • Stress support

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An alternative to cash plans for start-up businesses

Do start-ups generally offer health insurance plans to their employees?

There’s a million and one things on your plate when starting a new business, but we believe health benefits really should be one of them – and it’s worth taking into consideration as part of your start-up costs and funding requirements.

Evidence shows health benefits reduce absences, improve productivity, and enhance employee engagement. If you’re starting something special, we can help you make sure you’re starting it right.

Why use Equipsme for your start-up business health insurance plan?

There are a lot of private health cover providers out there to choose from, but we think you’ll find working with Equipsme to be different, and most importantly, easy. We offer an alternative to traditional cover.

  • You can trust our award-winning cover – because we partner with some of the most well-respected health service providers in the UK including one of the biggest insurance companies in the UK, AXA Health. This means you can trust that we deliver quality and reliable health cover for you and your employees.
  • No medical questions required  no medicals or complicated questionnaires to complete when you apply. We have a simple exclusion of pre-existing conditions in the three years before cover starts.
  • Add family members – you have the option of paying to add your spouse/partner, plus children up to the age of 25. The first child is half price, with up to five other children covered for free.
  • We’re here to help – we don’t provide advice but if you need help understanding our plan benefits and options before deciding on the best Equipsme health insurance plan for your business and your team, or just want to chat, we’d be happy to speak to you.
Meet our trusted providers

Meet our trusted providers

Whose services make up our award winning and industry leading Equipsme health insurance plans

Equipsme plan services are backed and delivered by some of the biggest and most well-respected organisations in their field, so you really know you’re in safe hands.

  • AXA Health – one of the UK’s leading health insurance specialists
  • Health Hero – Europe’s largest digital health provider offering remote access to experienced doctors.
  • Thriva – forward thinking home based health testing and tracking.
  • Health Assured – award winning wellbeing services covering mental, physical, financial and legal support.