Equipsme is an alternative solution to a health cash plan for your business

Equipsme is an alternative solution to a health cash plan for your business

Health insurance plans for all types of businesses

At first glance, there may appear to be a lot of benefits on offer with a health cash plan, but they are primarily about everyday dental and optical costs. Even if they include other health benefits, the limits can be small, and you often have to pay first and claim back later.

At Equipsme we believe that dental and optical benefits are great but on their own do little for your business to support employees back to good health when they fall ill. We provide key healthcare benefits with no personal outlay, giving your employees peace of mind that there’s help available when they need it most. Equipsme’s business health insurance plans give practical day to day support with benefits like GP access 24/7, physio treatment, health checks, nurse helplines and stress support, as well as private diagnosis and private hospital treatment.

Equipsme for small and large businesses

Equipsme - simple, practical, affordable

The full costs for private diagnosis or an operation in a private hospital can run into £1000s but can make all the difference for employees wanting to get back to health quickly, without a long wait. Private diagnosis and private hospital treatment benefits can be added to Equipsme plans from £33 per person per month, with treatment arranged via one of the UK’s leading health insurers – AXA Health – through their approved network.

There is a simple exclusion of pre existing conditions in the three years before cover starts, but for brand new conditions private diagnosis cover means your employees can see approved specialists and have tests and scans booked in for them by AXA Health – with all eligible bills paid on their behalf.

Adding private hospital treatment cover gives access to private hospitals and surgeons. Once a claim is approved, there is no personal outlay for your employees to make, so it’s convenient for them and effective for your business as it supports them back into work.

Frequently asked questions

What is a health cash plan?

A health cash plan is a policy that allows your employees to claim back some of the money they have paid towards appointments up to a set limit on routine healthcare like dental treatment and opticians’ fees.

Health cash plans may appear more affordable than traditional private medical insurance policies, but often only cover up to set limits and don’t include significant benefits such as the bills associated with a private diagnosis or hospital treatment. Often employees have to pay for everything upfront, some benefits require a waiting period before they can claim, and they may only be able to recover part of the costs. So, a health cash plan doesn’t offer the peace of mind that you get with other types of private health insurance that cover all the costs associated with a claim when it has been pre-approved.

How is an Equipsme health insurance plan different to traditional Private Medical Insurance (PMI)?

At Equipsme, our plans are designed to give you benefits to rival private medical insurance, at a price and simplicity to rival health cash plans.

Equipsme plans can be bought by a self-employed business or companies wishing to cover as few as two employees. For companies with more than two employees, plan prices per employee are the same, whether that’s 10, 100, 1000 or even more. Often traditional private Medical Insurers and cash plans tend to insist on a minimum company size.

Why choose Equipsme?

Prices don’t increase because of age. Our prices are the same for ages 16-59 on our plans for self-employed businesses, and the same for employees aged 16-69 on a company plan. For example, with our company plans starting from just £8 per employee, per month, staff can “flex” their cover and pay separately to upgrade plan benefits and add partner and children if they want. We handle all that administration for you so there is no extra burden.

Our wide range of benefits can start with 24/7 GP access, health checks, physio treatment and nurse helplines. Plans can include diagnostic tests, scans and consultations and private hospital treatment. Businesses can add optional extras like Stress Support including counselling. Plus, for companies that still want to give some health cash plan benefits to their employees, we also have a Dental & Optical optional extra.

Are there medical questionnaires involved?

No, the Equipsme health insurance plan does not require a medical application questionnaire to be completed. And with no medical questions and a simple exclusion of pre existing conditions in the three years before cover starts, it’s quick and easy to apply.

What is included in a health insurance plan from Equipsme?

Depending on the level of cover you choose for your business, you will be able to access a range of health benefits and services, including:

  • 24/7 GP Access – get a private GP consultation by phone or video
  • Physio sessions – from 8 per year up to no yearly limit. No personal outlay and no excess
  • Health home checks – including blood tests, cholesterol, vitamin D and diabetes
  • Health support – private nurse helpline
  • Private diagnosis cover – consultations, diagnostic tests, MRI and CT scans
  • Hospital treatment – cover for specialists, surgeons, hospital room, dressings and drugs
  • Stress support – telephone service, counselling and face-to-face sessions
  • Dental and optical – check-ups and treatment (option for companies with employees)

We have plans specifically for self-employed business owners too.



Meet our trusted providers

Meet our trusted providers

Whose services make up our award winning and industry leading Equipsme health insurance plans

Equipsme plan services are backed and delivered by some of the biggest and most well-respected organisations in their field, so you really know you’re in safe hands.

  • AXA Health – one of the UK’s leading health insurance specialists
  • Health Hero – Europe’s largest digital health provider offering remote access to experienced doctors.
  • Thriva – forward thinking home based health testing and tracking.
  • Health Assured – award winning wellbeing services covering mental, physical, financial and legal support.